On a platter of No,
You divided my heart
with your rod of pain.

On a platter of No,
You gave me to ridicule,
Hope your life feels better.

On a platter of No,
Even those who I couldn't tell
Now know because you couldn't hear No.

On a platter of No,
You left me with a walking stomach.
Now I ask myself what's the value of life?

On a platter of No,
Life is a scam - On the umbrella of death,
I will hide my shame.

The Night Was Cold

I feel his touch like a winters breeze
Untamed with cavernous desire
I hear his words replay with ease
Does his voice never tire
His eyes like crystals, pure and wide
His hair golden like the sun
What he saw in me, I couldn't hide
We shared a taste the world would shun
It was late, the night was cold
An incredible example of misplaced trust
Thus this far our truth untold
I'll hold my breath telling the story of us
His hands were warm and his skin rough
They held me with unwavering will
A simple kiss was not enough

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