Lord You Spoil Me

Woe, My heart is downcast,
spare me a thimble of laughter
so that I might subdue
even in a memory
to balance my sunken heart,
atlas I climb
with numbness to a smile
I step in small steps
time,time will mend me
the sun, the crisp air
the Lord my hero
brings me to a smile from the shadows
even as I blame him
he has once again uplifted me
I'm here, I'm here
Lord you spoil me so.

Should I ?

by Sweedle

He likes the way I laugh,
for the sounds that I make
are too hideous, hard to pretend.
I just throw back my head,
and lunge out the emotion
in a shrill voice like a kid.
He likes to see how the corners
of my eyes crinkle when I smile,
three little lines called crow’s feet.
He likes to see my cheeks stretch wide,
glowing with red spots and glee,
faint dimples he won’t miss.
But would he bear to see me cry,
tears mixed with mascara,
flowing out of my wretched eyes?
Would he caress the hairs of my head?

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