Particles in Time (micropoetry)

we walk for fifty years
lost in the ice domes
of this forsaken land
the Queen
sat high
on a throne
of clear glass tears
carved wood—
love letters written
before the dawn of time
moon dust
  moon walks—
a lonely planet
  for far off thoughts
a ring around—
the ebony stones draw in
our secret thoughts
living by the water
stepping out the sea—

After Hearing the Rain

with the dew
of a heavy rain—
the scent of ozone
lingering still
a bird cries
somewhere in a nest—
her shattered child
the gate has opened—
I walk through
looking for salvation
these are the souls
who wander
the desolate streets—
I search their eyes
they do not see
in the street
after a heavy rain—
a moment of heat

The City

corrupted in the dark
mixed with the light
of strangers
hurried feet
step by step on pavement—
and the dirt is deep
as little by little
they mark their souls
organism of souls
who have their moment
and sink back down
to dark oblivion
steam in the streets
with century old pipes bursting—
dreams of the riders
new as the city is old
dark and still
the buildings watch


our landscape trembles
in a storied web
worn cold with weather
whitewashed for another day
the door opens and shuts
waiting for her
the immortal one and her music
played under a cloud
of the church organ
a hundred years old
sun behind a cloud
piercing, transparent
folded in the leaves of grass
in a dream 
of another world

Another Day

far at sea
in the violent turn
of the waves and silence—
and out there somewhere
the shores of home
built in mist—
on the journey home
and roots torn up—
covered in the dress
of a fallen queen
one blow
and then I’m down—
fallen to
the lightless depths
between the now
of life and eternity
one and then
the other—
sinking like Cleopatra

Carry Me Home

rays melt
into the blue light
of another heaven
wind washed
water melts anew
on the blue horizon
of another day
have joined
for morning prayers
looking east
the pages turn
to the wind
where all the blind
begin to see
jigsaw night
among the red and blue—
once more I'm
back together again
sometimes dead as sin—
reborn for another day

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