An ear to the fish

Alay! Here I lay moveless cold corb ‘s burried
Oh my wits my Harmons so me had departed
Moments kept in shell of some me so pridest
Alas! Shan't Leave pride aside? A cry from sky
Clay into sand ma hands start to melt hemen
In sea my I'ed prefer to vanish from earth
No worms within, by water to decompose
As the tongue enjoyed the sea-food much
Whether in abbey or in an ocean sinked
Happy may the soul so the fish me enjoy
The elder, poor you kenj yourself us feed
They my kids with fake illusion got fished


no one standing—
a stone path digging deep
into the woods
warm on either side
beneath the clouds that loiter
in lustful haze
she came
in moments when the sun
reflected on the glass
water and light
reflected before moving on
to another day
stretching on
the rivers render the earth
from one moment to the next
her eyes show no one
as they open and close

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