Generation's End

We are the lost generation

​We represent a

​broken nation
​Babies thrown in the trash
​While their mothers
​get high on crack
​Morals have no place
​So many lives gone
​to waste
​You get killed for

​what you own

How can I call this home?

Driving Blind

Every day we buy, and sell fear

​We manufacture pain

​We're all a commodity of

​A world gone insane

​Every day from 9 to 5
​We work like a slave
​Another year; another war
​People herded like sheep
​The madman with his
​develish charm
​Preaches to the masses
​We pretend not to see
​What's wrong with the world

Going through life as if asleep

Voided Rights

there's a void
being filled by
destruction and
our worlds
no longer coincide
more like drawing
a divisive line
of wasteful
distracted minds

gone are we
from days of
thinking alike
where how its
best for every
persons rights
to taking away
moralities and
it's now on track
to be subsidized
to all rights denied

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