Lighten my life

Sadness, despair, depression, madness
Are the words that entrap my mind when looking at the bland brown house.
The one house with all grey walls.
The one with the single tan car going back and fourth.
The one where even when we exited our drought, no bright flowers began to sprout.
The one that belongs to a dear Ms. Sky.

On leaving Ireland 1969

by MaryPP

Time is going quickly..
soon we'll have to part
from families, friends and neighbours
the thought near breaks my heart.

Landing on a foreign soil
English soil at that!
I wonder will it be like home
with a welcome on the mat?

People say, "It will be a change
you'll like it, wait and see,
London is terrific,
that's the place to be.

It will be a change indeed
to live near London town
Fashion! Frenzy! Fighting!
Travel underground!

Looking Homeward

by lanolit

As Thomas said,
"Look homeward, angel"
and every now and then
I run along the
arroyos and narrow paths
of an earlier time.
Sometimes meeting myself
halfway in
sometimes not.
Noticing the changes
in windswept tides.
Still seeing
those original bones
pulled over
the truth and past
drowning in
yesteryear's music
knowing fully
that one can't go home again
but knowing still
it's always there
off the beaten path.

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