God Sent!

Someone special

You have not lived
Until you’ve found
That special someone
You can give the whole you

In life you meet thousands
Of people and none of them really touch you,
But then you’ll meet that one person,
And your life will be changed forever

We all need that one person,
Someone who will value your heart,
And where only love will be enough,
After all, God created us in pair

Awkward Silence

The conversation was flowing,
Although nerves were still in ubundance,
We have now arrived
To that destination called awkward silence
That no one really wanted to visit,
We are just residing in the silence,
Waiting for someone to break it,
My eyes are all over the place,
I don’t know where to look,
I can’t stand this awkwardness
So I have to do something,
Maybe a joke or two
Will relieve us from this awkward silence

My Addiction

A letter to my addiction

Hi, this is the letter
That I am writing to you,
All that I will share,
Is honest and true

What attracted me to you
Was the hype,
And the effortless way
You seem to occupy my time

When I am with you,
Nothing else seems to matter,
I have neglected everyone else,
But what’s worse, Is I’m getting fatter

People have tried
To seperate me from you,
You are my pleasure,
And that’s my personal point of view

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