72. To the Boxer Liber -

A CHAMPION in the craft that Pollux knew,
A Greek in skill, Roman in might and thew,
You share the name of Bacchus — yet 'tis true
That in the basket I received from you
No jar I found the viands to bedew
Of — you know what — your name should give the clue.

58. On a Lake Temple Built by Sabinus -

Queen of the hallowed lake, with pious care
Sabinus built thy fane that shall endure,
And long may Umbrian hillmen worship there,
Thy townsmen never yield to Baiae's lure;
If these my timid books thy favour share
My Muse shall greet thee as her fountain pure.
Say'st thou, " who gives his book to nymphs to keep
Must own their proper grave is in the deep"?

55. The Recipient -

One brace of birds for Stella, one for you,
Were ready for the " Kinsman's feast" to send,
When rose before my mind a clamorous crew
Of spectres, claiming each to be my friend;
I cannot send to all, to give to two,
As I had purposed, might be to offend;
So, to oblige all round and seem impartial,
I now propose to give both brace to Martial!


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