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Monday, June 13, 2016 to Monday, June 20, 2016
Contest type: 
Poetry contest
Poem Name Submitted By Likes Comments
The World Blasts Everyday Fabiyas M V 2 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
loving rickjstassi 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Horse Lord Mary Soon Lee 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Necklace brian hanway 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
math lesson sburch 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Dark Rains Here and There Bruce Boston 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Safety Instructions for the Event of Seeing a Mysterious Man Through your Kitchen Window Gabe_Sklan 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Prince Charming is a Douchebag joshbrown 2 1 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Jehova Fragment #16 Joseph J. Wood 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Communicating by Submarine kurtnewton 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Nothing is so Beautiful as Spring Jamie Nicol 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Sadness of Life Dibyendu De 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Sweet, Sad Good-bye tbyrd6969 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Jejunas coleymel555 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Globes G. O. Clark 2 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Attitude samanthafn82 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Metaphor Abhinavya Egala 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Meetings Noah Page 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Dance, Forever Philip Elliott 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Tick-Tock Adina 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Shutdown Marge Simon 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
That Damn Barn Greenfizzy 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
O' Time Raj Uprety 4 3 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Indirect Preferential Disrespect martyT13 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
A Freelance Writer's Lament: How to Find a Job-Job Terrie Leigh Relf 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Letting Go greekmuse 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
THE HUNGRY TEETH Mniko chacha 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Arise, Vallejo ericdovigi 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Keys MFC Feeley 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The brightest of smiles sneha 1 2 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Sanpaku Nation msleah 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
(Out)Sourcing Freedom Maya-An Illusion 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Cold Showers chrisconnolly 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Supporting T(he)RUMP piscespoet 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]


Mniko chacha's picture
Thanks to all who read my poem in 83rd weekly poetry contest and made a tremendous likes and comments. Please Watch out my next poem but don't like it . . . . . oooh! I am joking friends . . . .because Jokes Never Kill! You are welcome to like and comment.


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sneha's picture
I am usually very shy about my poems and they never get to be seen by anyone other than myself but today i felt like just letting one of them out into the world hehe.. thank you for anyone bothering to read it Much love :)


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Fabiyas M V's picture
A big is contest nearing its end. 'Matured' and 'infant' poems - all are good to read. Best wishes to all poets, except frauds, in this contest. Special thanks to Poetry Nook and Frank Watson, who organize this contest with high spirit and great vision. Regards, Fab


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