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Monday, August 21, 2017 to Monday, August 28, 2017
Contest type: 
Poetry contest
Poem Name Submitted By Likes Comments
IN NIGERIA II lina 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Strangers with memories KhuzaimaAli 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
nothing but air C. Ciregna 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
On Lying Mary Soon Lee 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Exhumations DavidKM 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
This Is Just to Add Sara Backer 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Sol Concealed Miles T. Ranter 2 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Prisoners of the Royal Weather Bruce Boston 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Life's Paradox Abdul Malik Mandani 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
How to Face the Blank Page Mike Hetzler 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Footnote to a Footnote trishhopkinsonpoet 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Wasp Nest JMFernandez 2 1 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Riders in the Night Ryan Stone 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Nine Effective Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People Nookpoems2017 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Bile Summer Thorsten 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
microsoft how i hate you jake aller 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Splendor of September Ken Allan Dronsfield 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Time to set it right Ganesh Pille 2 3 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Cape Anne Earthquake 1755 ereardon 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Their Machinations Alan J. Blaustein 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Uncle Mike's Minefield Fran 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Monopole Gurpartap Singh 12 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Expectations sarahghoshal 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
To Live! aweil4444 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
What Will You Do Today? Lauriana 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Tired of life, take the knife Ronica 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Writing Charlottesville Molly Murray 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Calling it a Day MHPayne 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Accidents & Emergencies cartervance 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
mindfulness rickjstassi 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Envy Morgan La Mer 3 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
God's Calling popcorncmg 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Abandoned Garden elockie 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Red Beret isobelmtl 2 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Invisible Rose Sheikha A. 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
MICHAEL JACKSON Ciarán Parkes 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
THE GIFT OF A SPECIAL NEEDS KID cesarcardoso 3 3 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Shadow Kalyn 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Payer le café Lee Nash 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Alive Again! Lil peanut 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Night's Silence Ria_poetry.615 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
A Gut Feeling Chinmay Patil 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Loaded wanderlustwriter 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]