The Happy Farmer

I've a hundred mulberry trees
And thirty — mow — of grain,
With sufficient food and clothes,
And friends my wine to drain.

The fragrant grain of — Ku-mi — seed
Provides our Summer fare;
Our Autumn brew of aster wine
Is rich beyond compare.

My goodwife comes with smiling face
To welcome all our guests;
My children run with willing feet
To carry my behests.

When work is done and evening come,
We saunter to the park,
And there, 'neath elm and willow trees
We're blithe as soaring lark.

With wine and song the hours fly by
Till each in cloudland roams,
And then, content with all the world,
We wander to our homes.

Through lattice-window steals a breeze,
As on my couch I lie,
While overhead the — Silver Stream —
Flows through a splendid sky.

And as I gaze it comes to mind —
A dozen jars at least
Of the aster-scented wine remain
To grace to-morrow's feast.
Author of original: 
Chu Kwang-Hi
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