I Am Wae and Weary Sister

I am wae and weary sister
To rest I canna gae
I'd ane and never misst her
Until my heart was wae
Sister I am wae and weary
As I'm ever like to be
And oft [t]imes it seems to cheer me
While I'm thinking upon thee

We twa had but ain mither
She bare us both the gither
And we should love ain anither
Sae sister dear come hither
We'll gae to some sweet nuik
And we'll love ane anither
And take a pleasant buik
And talk about puir mither

Sweet is the season sister
And lanely is your brither
Our mither sair we misst her
We can never find anither
She looe'd our ways and faces
Like an odd lov'd tree she fell
We left our playing places
And had woful tales to tell

The neighbours all were altered foulk
They looked so very sad
They never passed anither joke
Death was the loss we had
We were man & woman — sister
The day she gae'd away
Even our children misst her
Nor notice took of play

For twa or three days the gither
When their grammam she was gane
And they cry wi ane anither
As they luik upon her stane
In the kirk yard where it stands
There the silent tear will fall
So the name one understands
But they cannot read it all

For their very hearts are full
Wi the thoughts o ither years
When they daisies used to pull
And talk in Grannys ears
The neighbours are strange here
Those days are ever flown
When mither did appear
In her bonny cotton gown

And sae 'twill be wi us sister
As on our mithers stone
Theyll miss us as weve misst her
When we are dead and gone
Sons and daughter o our own
The children o' their mother
Will look upon our stone
And ne'er find such another
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