by Megzr

This is how you remind me of who I really am:

Your smile in times of terror and pain

- reminds that that your spirit and mine are stronger than we have ever given ourselves credit for.

Your cheekiness when we were all sorrowful

- shows me that I can be me not matter what .. it is just a choice. You chose to be that person when you were down and out.

Your laugh radiated through the room..

- shows me again that being you and just having fun is something we can do not matter what the circumstances. and again it is just choice.

Your love for everyone.. no matter who they were

- showed me that sometimes i am not willing to be the energy that is required at the time. you were always willing even of no- one recognised it.

Your children hearts - you have always been there for those that required you.

- shows me that I came from the same mould as you..

But I have have much to learn! 

With the tools I have, I have come far. But with the life you have lived, is how you remind me that I can choose to be who or whatever I desire! 

And I know you have been waiting for me to step up and be that person.

I'm sorry that I had not yet..

I'm sorry that I couldn't be that until you chose to move..

Now I am reminded of who and what I am ..



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