The Saviours

You famed ones of old, who strove to guide,
Justly and nobly, peoples and nations,
In pathways high, where the high thoughts flower:
Though now, peradventure, ensphered you abide,
Hardly beholding the Earth's tribulations,
Lend us your wisdom for one great hour!

Nay, you are Shades! Past death and birth,
Silent you dwell, in folds of the ages,
Far from our wars and tears withdrawn,
While living hearts, on the living Earth,
Dream there shall rise other heroes and sages
Out of Creation's eternal dawn.

They shall rise — and haply shall rise in vain,
On thankless mortals their greatness wasting,
And, mighty of spirit, shall go to their doom;
Perhaps in the hour of the welter and pain
Of a world to its final twilight hasting,
Through fallen splendour and ruined bloom.
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