Spaces in Between

You see me when I’m at a peak
You see me when the cliff is too steep
When I’m all the way up and when I fall straight down
The things you can’t help but see if you happen to be around

You meet me melted
And you feel me frozen
Piping with whatever heat I’ve chosen
At the burst of noon
At the woe of midnight.

A Corrupted Heart

by jeffzod

With pain in her heart she cursed,
Heart bitter taste like bitter root,
No cure her mind was poisoned,
Raging with hate red hot anger,
No remedy humanity taken away,
Kind heart turned to blazing fire,
A burn so deep consuming her soul,
For hell on earth is what she saw.

Every night she spent in tears,
Nothing but darkness around,
She heard voices chuckling,
A whispering sound rattling,
Coming towards her in silence,
In paces she heard sharp steps,
Edging closer in musical cheers,
Mix up of fear, tears and hope.


Like the deer pant's for water,
I'm here thirsty for you
Oh dear, quench my thirst
Give me you.

from the rivers of your love,
I run to you
I don't care if I look like a fool
Please just make me full.

I want to be lost in you,
That my Aura will be of you,
My fragrance be that of you;
Until I become all of you.

I've drank from springs, streams and seas;
Not even bore-holes, rivers or rain water,
None Can quench this thirst
I'm yearning for you.

You Were The Death of Me

These lips you’ve kissed;have faded blue
My heart beat stopped to the rhythm of you
These veins ripped open only reveal;
the crimson torture of loving you still
You left me but you’re still not gone;
Filling spaces in my head with your bittersweet song
Crying out your name and for one last time;
I’ll be haunted by memories of when you were mine
We’ll put this love to rest; let’s close our eyes
Past the point of no return; yet not too late for goodbyes
To say I was the victim is to say I have no fault

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