whiskey lips
peach wine tongue
pink nails dragging
hard muscle
long deep sigh
breathe in
breathe out
language all our own
pure pleasure
one final kiss

Of sweets and Paris...

I remember Paris, Oh! So well,
went there so many times as a child,
 the gabled windows at Montmartre,
and the Seine’s whispers mild.
The Pont du Alexander in grandeur,
and the blinking Eiffel lights,
Champs Elysees taking my breath,
and merry laughter by the nights.
Notre Dame of Hugo’s Hunchback,
the signs of intellectual ferment,
the story of fall of the Bastille,
still evoke my childhood dormant...

Morning Sun

impregnate the earth
whispering and loving its children
grown among the wandering souls
each morning in spring
where it is quiet
where we sit in silence
to behold the morning sun

Things were great

I stopped listening to music the same way
I could only find sadness in songs
Even in the happy ones.
It had been this way about 2 years
Then one day
You took my hand
I used to love being alone.
I used to take care of everything on my own.
Things were great.
Things were good.
I used to love being in my room
Watching a movie
Listening to a song
And sing along
Things were great.
Things were good.
In my darkest moments
I would crawl in my bed
Listening to music

Creation of the Golem

He floats toward me
like debris from a Shreveport wreck,
and in a last ditch effort to ban his jetsam
from washing up on my shore and decomposing
on freshly clean sheets,
I create a profile before god and country,
list six things I could never do without,
six things I don’t know what to do with,
tap my keyboard three times and post selfies,
bait to catch the wandering eye
and the charms of a local Lothario,
a blitz flirtation that leaves me watching
Netflix on most weekends, stuffing my face

A little too much

I felt the distance for the first time today
Reminiscing about how we would spend the day
Happy memories leave me sad
And its this very distance I hate.
I felt how it took you away from me
And you took a piece of me with you too
I felt how it shook me astray from you
With the piece of me that will always stay with you
Right within you and lay with you
From the morning until the night
invite you to my mind and incite you if you find the words I want to say to you
I fail to describe
The tragedy of this

Tomorrow Morning

Listen not to the words of envious,
and give no chance for the devil,
because devil is an open enemy
to mankind, and his aim is to destroy
every good deeds.

Let awake your spirit of love and
give no chance for discourages of mind.
For the one who love you so much is your
soulmate. Therefore, get hold of him,
so that he may not run away from you.
And let your hands be join with his,
so that you may becomes one forever.


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