by Chanae

There is such beauty in the world
So many marvelous creations of something... no someone higher than us all,
But the world will end one day they say
And to say I believe would make it too real
The fear that my reincarnated self would be one of billions to suffer that fate
Within seconds
No time to think nor react,
Even if we know the destiny of people lifetimes away
Can we really say that anyone will be prepared,
There's no amount of time that's enough to prepare for death
It is so weird to think that we are the youngest species on earth still,
Other animals and insects wouldn't even bat an eye if we were gone
No concern will riddle their minds
They will simply
Go on
And when we die
There will be no trumpets
No flags waved
No parades of mourners
No, none of that im afraid
Because in the end,
We just die
And The Man will close his book
One of his best sellers among his readers, I'm sure
He will place a gentle kiss on the seam
Go to his bookshelf and put it among the others with a sad, but somehow happy smile on his lips
Sitting back at his desk he gets out a sheet of paper
And at the top of the page he writes,
"Chapter 1"



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