Sending Off a Lord to Guizhou, Demoted to a Magistrate

I don't know the road to Guizhou, but still I send off a former lord
Who's set to travel a thousand miles across the cries of forest apes,
To flutter about like a bird that flies throughout the great five lakes.
The rulers know nothing, the mountains are deep with vulgar hordes:
He's stuck in a foreign land, unable to move for fear of broken brakes.


Original Chinese Poem by Liu Changqing


Gazing at Heaven’s Gate

The River Chu has split the hills in two
To send the jade-brushed water east and back,
Around the two opposing hills anew
As a lonely boat sits still in a sunlit crack.
Original Chinese poem by Li Bai

Spreading Their Wings

Look at the bird, he spreads his wings,
The image stays like a song I sing.
He flies in a tune above, below,
So rich and free from the toil I know.
For ages I gaze at the sun and moon,
The distant clouds, whose path still looms.
For hundreds of rich, who know not right,
They do no good, but use their might.
Original Chinese Poem

Seeking Chang, the Daoist Priest

The entire journey was on foot to this place,
Of moss, more moss, and my footstep’s trace.
White clouds about the banks in a quiet state,
The growing grass has covered the fence’s gate.
Passing rain, the pine’s green color in course,
I follow the mountain, to the water’s source.
These river flowers, in a moment’s sensation,
Have brought us to meet in silent meditation.
Original Chinese Poem


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