After Hearing the Rain

with the dew
of a heavy rain—
the scent of ozone
lingering still
a bird cries
somewhere in a nest—
her shattered child
the gate has opened—
I walk through
looking for salvation
these are the souls
who wander
the desolate streets—
I search their eyes
they do not see
in the street
after a heavy rain—
a moment of heat

Carry Me Home

rays melt
into the blue light
of another heaven
wind washed
water melts anew
on the blue horizon
of another day
have joined
for morning prayers
looking east
the pages turn
to the wind
where all the blind
begin to see
jigsaw night
among the red and blue—
once more I'm
back together again
sometimes dead as sin—
reborn for another day


by MaryPP
Tall bare trees reach up so high.
A thick black blanket hugs the sky.
Will we have rain now or will that cloud scatter?
From my warm viewpoint that is no matter!
Now chattering sparrows arrive at the feeders, then
Six sparkling starlings – very fast eaters!
Two little blue tits cling to the suet ball
Lots of titbits break off and fall
down to the ground where a blackbird I see
and my friendly little robin
looking in at me.
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