April 1 to April 5th poems

April Monthly Poetry Competition 2021
This is the fifth April poetry competition I have entered since 2017.  The rules are simple: write at least one poem or more per month, and either post them or not.  I will base them on NaPoWrMo, Poetry Superhighway, Writing Digest, Writing Com ‘s Dew Drop Inn prompts and post them here and, on All Poetry, and maybe elsewhere but at least on these sites. I may write a few more but not post them as I need to keep “unpublished” poems for submission.

april 16 poems

Wednesday April 15, 2020

  the Chaos King is his Element

the Chaos King
is in his element
as he presides
over the chaos verse

the Chaos King
thinks he is supreme
has the ultimate authority
as he is the King

the Chaos King
surveys the land
and likes what he sees
loves the absolute chaos

the chaos king
is prepared
to lead the nation
in the midst of this chaos

and the Chaos king
will not stop
until the chaos stops
that is what he does

April 13 to April 15 poems

April 13 Poems

I believe in ghosts

I used to not believe
in ghosts or spirits
or supernatural phenomenon

at least
i used to be
quite skeptical

but I have had
some weird encounters
over the years

so now perhaps
I do believe
that ghosts might be real

I have had supernatural
things that defy my understanding

back in 1992
My Korean Uncle-in-law died
and the family hired a shaman

did a traditional shaman ritual
the shaman came out
a middle age woman

cosmos's april12 poems

today's poems (april 12)

April 12, 2020

Life spinning out of control

it seems these days
that life is spinning out of control
everyday the news is grim
more people are dying
as the virus spreads out of control

but in these days
where everything seeks
to be beyond our control

it is best to remember
to worry about
those things
one can control

and the rest
will take care
of it self

you can only control
and your emotions

snarling cup of coffee poems

Snarling Cup of Coffee

and other coffee inspired poems

Coffee Poems

I am a coffee addict.  I admit it. Gots to have my daily fix but nowadays mostly decaf but in the morning I have a real cup to get my juices going kicking starting my day with that caffeine buzz going around my head.

I have written 60 poems about coffee and posted them on my blog - along with photos and audio clips of me reading the poems, plus one SF short story featuring an alien coffee trader.

I am sending them to Starbucks and Peets along with this cover letter.

peets coffee

april 1 to April 14 poems for April Poetry Challenge

April Poem A Thon – A Poem a Day

these poems were written for the April 2019 National Poetry month challenge sponsored by writers digest.  You can find them at All poetry and at my blog (which also has audio clips) at https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com

April 1, 2019  63 Years
63 years old 
taught me a few things

life is
to short

to carry a grudge
live and love a lot

fake coffee

I used to be a big coffee drinker
Had to have my four or five cups
Of real fresh brewed coffee

Not for me the weak instant coffee
Of decafe coffee or herbal fake coffee

But over time coffee caught up to me
And now I can not handle the real deal
And I am forced to drink decafe coffee
Which is a kind of fake coffee to me

Or herbal coffee
Which is entirely fake
Designed to taste like the real thing

But without that caffeine kick
That true coffee drinkers crave

Crow within the Yellow Leaves

Successive years of falling leaves, as gold-
Enameled flowers flitter out, around
The garden nook, with simple stories told
To fragrant crowds at play on dampened ground.
This time we sipped a cup of coffee cold
And spoke of speckled, thinning hair once brown;
A crow called out, as if a black-winged scold
That hits its mark and pulls us twisting down.
Through God we came from chaos to earth and skies,
And painted all that’s dark a color bright,
As child-like wonder shows through gleaming eyes

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