april 17 to 19 poems

Saturday April 17

You are my Lode Star

in the morning dawning light
you are always there
you are my lode star
my sunshine, my moonshine
the love of my life, my wife
with your endless love
I will face the evil corrupted world
even walk through the shadow of death
as long as you by my side
I will fear no evil for you are with me
and I will love you
until death takes me
from your your loving embrace

another Nigerian spam found poem

april 16 poems

Wednesday April 15, 2020

  the Chaos King is his Element

the Chaos King
is in his element
as he presides
over the chaos verse

the Chaos King
thinks he is supreme
has the ultimate authority
as he is the King

the Chaos King
surveys the land
and likes what he sees
loves the absolute chaos

the chaos king
is prepared
to lead the nation
in the midst of this chaos

and the Chaos king
will not stop
until the chaos stops
that is what he does

cosmos's april12 poems

today's poems (april 12)

April 12, 2020

Life spinning out of control

it seems these days
that life is spinning out of control
everyday the news is grim
more people are dying
as the virus spreads out of control

but in these days
where everything seeks
to be beyond our control

it is best to remember
to worry about
those things
one can control

and the rest
will take care
of it self

you can only control
and your emotions

Dreaming Of A Dream

by Regina

Midsummer night of crickets songs,
asleep next to the whirring fan,
dreaming of a dream.

Screen window,
dreaming of a dream-
you wept in my dream,
and I awake weeping,
train whistle blows,
as it wends its way on a
mystical mission journey.

I never meant
to wound your very spirit,
and I, in my contrition,
dream of an alabaster sacred dove
in ethereal flight,
to comfort you in the night.


our landscape trembles
in a storied web
worn cold with weather
whitewashed for another day
the door opens and shuts
waiting for her
the immortal one and her music
played under a cloud
of the church organ
a hundred years old
sun behind a cloud
piercing, transparent
folded in the leaves of grass
in a dream 
of another world

The Body in a Dream

We sing in the branches,
The birds of night, born brittle
In broken words and melancholic memes,
As holy as the body in a dream
Woven in, set upon a tree,
Old and scorned, played out like a fiddle
With worn out strings, a holy see
That’s thrown upon the body in a dream
Windows open and close down here—
We listen with fear but cannot hear
And feel we’re being seen
In silence as the body in a dream
Until, at last, the knock that rocks the door,
With words that whisper no more—

Island in the Sea

There was an island, somewhere in the sea,
Where he sailed for miles away from any land,
Alone and guided by the stars he could see
To a distant shore on a narrow strand of sand.
Setting foot, he looked at a far off peak,
Eyes rising past a thousand ancient pines,
Through which he climbed past cliff and creek
Until at night he stopped to pray for signs.
He woke as the sun began to rise from the sea
And heard the birds come out in a choral song,
To sing a melody of when his heart was free

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