Sudden Rain

A cloud is born
   From river’s edge
      As rain begins to fly
The sun leaks out
   From building gaps
      As clouds and clear-sky mix
I seek a bridge
   A makeshift roof
      To hide and keep me dry
But then I see
   A mother mad—
      Her boy runs by and kicks
Frank Watson © 2016

The Simple Peasant.

Gossip, you'll like to hear, no doubt!
A learned work has just come out--
Messias is the name 'twill bear;
The man has travelled through the air,
And on the sun-beplastered roads
Has lost shoe-leather by whole loads,--
Has seen the heavens lie open wide,
And hell has traversed with whole hide.
The thought has just occurred to me
That one so skilled as he must be
May tell us how our flax and wheat arise.
What say you?--Shall I try to ascertain?

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