Hymns for the Lord's Supper - Hymn 48


Thou hast o'ercome: Lord, who can prove
Invincible to heav'nly love?
My conquer'd soul I must resign
To that victorious arm of thine.

Thy grace, whose wond'rous pow'r imparts
The tend'rest sense to flinty hearts,
My inmost soul with love inspires,
And mixes joy with pure desires.

For who, my Lord, can love like thee?
Whose love was e'er so great, so free?
Angels may well admire the flame:
But they have never felt the same:

Hymns for the Lord's Supper - Hymn 28


O Lord, thou dost a broken heart
And contrite mind approve,
Wilt humble penitents receive
With pity, joy, and love.

Teach us o'er all our sins to weep,
And in thy grace rejoice;
To mix confessions of our guilt
With a thanksgiving voice.

O let thy spirit's convincing power
Dispose us to repent;
That holy oil will soften rocks,

Hymns for the Lord's Supper - Hymn 25


Lord, all the works thy hand has form'd
In earth and heaven above,
And all thy tracks of providence
Shew thee a God of love .

But thy surprizing acts of grace,
To Adam 's guilty seed,
Loudly proclaim to all the world,
That God is love indeed.

To object who deserve thy wrath
Thy boundless love extends;
Thou'rt kinder to thy enemies

Hymns for the Lord's Supper - Hymn 22


M Y blessed Saviour, is thy love
So great, so full, so free?
Behold I give my love, my heart,
My life, my all, to thee.

I love thee for the glorious worth
In thy great self I see:
I love thee for that shameful cross
Thou hast endur'd for me.

No man of greater love can boast
Than for his friend to die:
But for thy enemies thou wast slain:

Hymns for the Lord's Supper - Hymn 18


O Lord , how shall we frame a song
To celebrate thy fame!
Our highest flights are all too low
To reach thy loftier name.

Yet should the objects of thy love
Thy praises cease to shout,
To censure such ingratitude,
The stones would soon cry out.

What was there, Lord , in sinful man
That could thy pity move,
To draw him from the gates of hell

Love and Friendship -

Oh ! speech is poor to paint a difference
I feel so vast! Trust, honour, tenderness —
The all that friendship asks — compose not love!
Friendship still keeps distinction. Friends are twain,
But lovers one!
Friends are two kings in dear confederance join'd,
That still rule separate empires; but in love
Both realms united, take one name, one tongue,
One law, one faith, one consequence, one crown!
Friends are two banks a kindly stream divides;
Lovers — twin clouds into each other blent

Wounded Love -


Tem. What moves you thus?
Flo. That which I read. And yet,
'Tis a stale sorrow; but a woman's wrong.
Tem. You give these moods of sentiment, these dreams
Of fancy too much sway. I pray you, Florence,
Follow example and conform your course
To custom, and the fashion of the times.
What air-spun grief o'erwrought you?
Flo. I have said,

93 July 9 -

July 9

What is itt, that thou dost require
whilst thou art smartly, knocking off
Our fingers, from what we admire
by it, thou calst for all, our love
What cause have we, if itt be soe
To wonder, thou shouldst stoop so low.

What is our love (deer Lord,) to thee
Thou'rt in thy self, to great, to high
To, gain by it, tis only wee
That ar advantaged, therby
Yet art thou pleas'd thus low to bend
As for soe meane, a thing to send.

All we can have, for to bestow

89 Gods Fullnese, Common Bounty, and Specyall Love, the Souls Chouse, July 5 73 -

Gods fullnese common bounty, and specyall love, the souls chouse, July 5 73

When we our minds, and thoughts, doe set
Upon thy fullnese infinet.

We ar soon driven to a stand
At that, we cannot comprehand.

Though, from thee all our mercys flow
Thou'st ne're the lese, for to bestow.

When we thy providence doe eye
And see thy liberallity.

We run our selfs, into a maize
att all thy providencyall waies.

Thou spreadst a table, out for all
Both young, & old, both great, and small.

84 Severity in Love, Better than Prosperity in Anger July 3 73 -

severity in love, better than prosperity in anger July 3 73

How often dost thou strik our fingers off
From thosse delights, on which we set much love
Somtimes thou takst them quite away from us
And dost att once our I'dols, kill, and crush
Somtimes, thou dost to us imbitter it
And that way makst us, losser from it sitt
By that time we ar wean'd from them a while
Soon after, somthing else, doth us, beguile
And slyly steall away, from thee our hart
And of our love, itt takes away thy part


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