Etheline - Book 2, Part 10ÔÇô11


" Not lonely here? " confus'd, he said;
And from his lip its colour fled,
When, at her feet, he saw a child,
The little foundling, Telmarine.
With Telma's smile, on him it smil'd,
With Telma's locks of raven hue,
And upturn'd eyes of darkest blue.
Confus'd, he nam'd its mother's name!
While pale, as death's cold brow, became
The cheek of Etheline.


" Telma! " he said; nor waited long
Ere seem'd at once to come and go
The shadow of a shape of woe,

Stanzas - 29

Passion, love, adoration! Fine the links
That in progressive process join these three,
Cursed is that soul, which gifted, basely sinks
From last of these to that first named! So he,
Who is so wise, if he defeated be
In passion, and in love, to raise his thought
In adoration, from th' idolatry
Of passion, and of love, will soon be taught
That superhuman bliss is by the latter brought.

Stanzas - 28

As to Religion's cause, one well might hope,
Rather to gain th' idolater, than one
Who loves in atheistic gloom to mope: —
So may we rather hope he may be won
To love his God, him whom the fervid sun
Of love hath fevered, whose still earnest eye
Some outward idol still is fixed upon,
Than him in self-involved captivity,
Who thinks he's free since self doth doom his slavery.

Stanzas - 27

The principle of love must be implanted,
Or e'en divine love ne'er will take its root:
Small hope for those who're of this instinct scanted:
Small hope for those involved in low pursuit
Of interest or ambition! Who with brute,
And earthward gaze see nought beyond themselves:
But hope, ye mourners, who with anguish mute,
See each foundation, like a train of elves,
Vanish, which human skill unprofitably delves.

Stanzas - 26

So far with tolerance th' instinct do I see
Which leads the spirit with devotion fond,
To seek in youth for perfect sympathy
In other human hearts, that few this bond
Who have not sought, few who have never conued
With weak idolatry, a human face,
And found how vain were human loves; beyond
Were ever led to go: triumphs of grace
Are oftenest gained by souls driven from love's earthly race.

Song 7: The Excellency and Preference of Love -


The most excellent Gifts nothing without Love.

Could I with men and angels vie
In language, without love,
Nought, but a sounding brass would I,
Or tinkling cymbal, prove.

Could I both preach and prophecy,
All myst'ries understand;
Have knowledge all ingross'd in me,
All gifts at my command:

Yea, had I faith that could remove

My love and I a bargain made

My love and I a bargain made,
It is well worth a-telling;
When one was weary we agreed
To part both should be willing.

And thus our loves will longer last
Than fools that still are pining;
We'll spend our time in joy and mirth,
Whilst doaters do in whining.

They all join hands and dance in a ring, answering all together at the Chorus -

A MARILLIS told her swain,
Amarillis told her swain,
That in love he should be plain
And not think to deceive her. Chorus:
Still he protested on his truth
That he would never leave her.

If thou dost keep thy vow, quoth she,
And that thou ne'er dost leave me,
There's ne'er a swain in all the plain
That ever shall come near thee Chorus:
For garlands and embroidered scrips,
For I do love thee dearly.

First Song, The: Lines 503ÔÇô616 -

Half way the hill, near to those aged trees,
Whose insides are as hives for lab'ring bees,
(As who should say, before their roots were dead,
For good work's sake and alms they harboured
Those whom nought else did cover but the skies:)
A path, untrodden but of beasts, there lies,
Directing to a cave in yonder glade,
Where all this forest's citizens for shade
At noon-time come, and are the first, I think,
That (running through that cave) my waters drink:
Within this rock there sits a woful wight,

In Memoriam - Part 20


I HEARD the tramp, and I heard the song,
Soldiers marching, marching along.
" Glory, Glory!" I hear it yet.
My heart was hot and my cheeks were wet.
" What shall I do when I am grown,"
I said, " with children of my own?"
" If I have a son; and he has a son;
They shall do what these have done;
And I'll love them so, I'll love them so,
That I'll buckle their swords and bid them go."


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