Farewell to Meng Haoran

My dear old friend who’s parting West
Beneath the Yellow Towers;
While falling on the Yangzhou lands
Are mists and springtime flowers.
Your orphan boat’s a distant shade,
That sails where blue skies go;
I look upon the water tides—
Until the end they flow.
By Li Bai, tr. from the Chinese by Frank Watson


李 白

Farewell to Cui

229. Farewell to Cui

Pei Di
Traversing mountains thin and deep
And on through hills and dales revered;
For just a day you’ll be a man
Of Eden, land of love and cheer.

Spreading Their Wings

Look at the bird, he spreads his wings,
The image stays like a song I sing.
He flies in a tune above, below,
So rich and free from the toil I know.
For ages I gaze at the sun and moon,
The distant clouds, whose path still looms.
For hundreds of rich, who know not right,
They do no good, but use their might.
Original Chinese Poem

I'll Follow Him Thus!

United in time and space
Existing in nothing
But the never-ending grace
Of consciousness’ string
When seen from inside the place
A tranquil life can bring.
I’ll follow him thus!
After the Sanskrit of Bhartri Hari

This Gracious Field


Gentle men have praised
With great and goodly words
This gracious field
So gorgeously gazed upon
By the good men here

Emperor Tenmu (d. 686)


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